What Keeps You Up At Night? This Might Help

What Keeps You Up At Night? This Might Help

Calling our hot sleepers, cold sleepers, sleep-deprived moms and busy professionals staring down those nonstop early mornings! Tossing and turning is something we’ve all experienced, at least once or twice. 

But nothing should keep you from a dreamy night’s sleep! 

Tara Sartoria takes sleep seriously: every day of the year. So, we’ve taken a deep dive into all the things that might be keeping you up at night, with the perfect solutions to help combat them. So you can finally get the best night’s sleep you deserve!


Hot sleeper?

If you’re waking up overheated at night – you’re not alone! It happens more often than you’d think, whether caused by hormones or climate shifts to a very hot-blooded partner in your bed ;)

But just because it’s a common situation doesn’t mean it SHOULD be! 

While there are a number of reasons why overheating can occur, there’s one certainty: silk sleepwear can help to negate this issue. 

Why? Because silk is naturally thermoregulating – great for those who sleep hot OR cold. It effectively regulates your temperature through the night, adjusting to your body’s needs, ensuring optimal comfort without causing overheating or discomfort. 

If you’re a hot sleeper, silk may be the key to the best sleep you’ve had in a long time. 

We know – you can definitely sleep in your birthday suit. But that’s not always perfect for everyone! Which is where our silk pajamas come in … they’re the perfect way to stay cool, in style!

For our ladies: try our Cami Boxers Set or Tank Pants Set on for size, for an ultra breezy sleep. For our men: our short-sleeved Pajama Set might be just the thing for you!


silk pajamas for hot sleepers

Cold sleeper?

Yep, silk is great for those hot sleepers, but cold sleepers: this one’s for you too! Due to the naturally thermoregulating properties of silk, you can rest assured that whether you overheat or underheat – silk will get your temperature to exactly where you want it to be!

We recommend investing in some long sleeve pajama sets – whether our classic Band Collar Pajama Set for Women or our Men’s Pajama Set – and maybe even an additional silk robe to help you rug up in style. 

You’ll have no trouble combatting the cold weather with these silk pajamas on your side!


combat cold sleep with these thermoregualting pajamas

Interrupted sleep schedule?

You’ve planned it all out, completed a stellar nightly ritual, and got to sleep right on time … but that nightly baby feeding or your partner's sleep alarm chimes and it can feel like all your efforts are down the drain. 

We get it, trust us! There’s a number of things that might interrupt your sleep schedule, even if you’ve done everything you can to prevent it. 

It’s not just frustrating, but means that your ENTIRE sleep schedule has to start all over again, making you miss out on some of the most important stages of sleep (such as REM) draining your cognitive performance and emotional well-being. 

How can you combat that?

A silk sleep mask can be just the thing!

We know – it seems simpler than it is, but when you’re able to block out light, block out those distractions, and put your body right back in peaceful bliss, that sleep is much easier to return to. 

It can also be really handy if you want to catch up on those lost z’s throughout the day. Nanna nap, anyone?


no matter what wakes you up at night silk sleep masks can help

Wrestling with restlessness?

Whether it was that 6PM coffee or an early flight that your body is in fight-or-flight (get it ;) ) trying to make sure you don’t miss, tossing and turning in bed can be one of the worst things to keep you up at night. 

Unlike hot sleeping, cold sleeping, or an interruption – it can feel like there’s just no reason for it. Which makes finding a solution feel impossible … 

But if you want to lessen the disturbances, we recommend investing in some ultra-dreamy pieces that make tossing and turning a thing of the past.

Take David as an example.

He struggled with tossing and turning for years due to terrible chronic back issues. When he first purchased a set of pajamas from Tara Sartoria, he thought they would help him sleep better as the slippery-ness would make it easier to toss and turn in bed. 

He discovered just that, with an added hack: he turns them inside out to make them extra slippery. So even when he tosses and turns? He’s doing it IN his sleep, without any resistance, perfect for ensuring that restlessness doesn’t hold you back from comfort. 

He experienced the best night’s sleep he has in a long time, all thanks to these pajamas.


David's experience with Tara Sartoria best night sleep

And, don’t worry, with our custom sizing he was able to order a personalized set, where the ultra-slippery side was on the outside for optimum comfort ;)

It’s a testament to what silk can do for avoiding any sleep disturbances or issues. You just need to think about what it is that keeps you up at night, and then find the solution through silk!


No matter what keeps you up at night - let Tara Sartoria ease it

So, what is it that keeps you up at night? Whether it’s overheating, underheating, sleep interruptions or some uncomfortable tossing and turning, silk can help make sleep an absolute dream!

There’s a range of benefits to incorporating silk into your nightly routine. But if you want to discover a seamless night’s sleep, with unrivaled comfort, timeless style and unparalleled luxury?

There’s no better selection than the range from Tara Sartoria. 

Explore our full range of sleep essentials today, with Afterpay available on all orders, free United States shipping, and rest easy knowing that 10% of profits from your purchase go toward empowering women to be self-sufficient and attend university. 

“I love wearing this to bed! It keeps me cool and helps me sleep. It's very well made. Thanks!”

~ Alicia


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