Custom Orders

Our artisan tailors can customize our clothing to be perfect for you.

Our customers most commonly ask for size customization, including:

  • Length adjustments for sleeves, tops, and pants
  • Width adjustments for the chest and hips
  • Special sizing options to suit your unique proportions
  • Pajama sets available with tops and bottoms in different sizes for a personalized fit (e.g., top in size L and bottom in size M).

We can also customize specific details of the garment. Just ask us.

Pricing: The surcharge is only 20% on the full price of the item for our custom-made service because custom sizing requires additional labor, attention, and shipping costs. Sales and discounts are not applicable to custom-made items.

Return and Exchange: Please note that customized items cannot be returned or exchanged.

Turnaround Time: From the moment you place your order to the item's arrival at your doorstep, the typical turnaround time is 2-3 weeks.

To order an item with custom sizing, simply drop Tara a message at She will promptly respond and guide you through the process.

If you have other special custom requests, please do not hesitate to ask.