Silk Care

Your luxury silk garment is machine-washable, you just need to know how

Please follow these simple steps to maintain its beauty and ensure it lasts a long time

  1. Turn inside out. Put in a laundry mesh bag.
  2. Wash with like colors on delicate cycle with low spin (400)
  3. Use mild, enzyme-free detergent (or 1 tbsp baby shampoo) & softener (or 1 tbsp hair conditioner).
  4. When taking out of the washer, shake to help ease wrinkles. Hang to dry on hanger (silk dries really fast). Do not tumble dry because the friction and movement could negatively affect the longevity of silk.
  5. If needed, steam or iron while damp and inside out (you can spray water on the dry garment to damp it for ironing).


We strongly recommend using a mild fabric softener (or hair conditioner) when washing silk because silk is a protein-based fiber like your hair, and regular conditioning will ensure it stays smooth, soft, and with fewer wrinkles. 

If using hair conditioner instead of softener, you might want to mix it in 1 cup of water before adding to the washer to make sure it can dissolve.

Do not wash silk with detergents containing enzymes, even if it is a mild detergent with natural enzymes. Why? Because enzymes are stain removers that work by dissolving proteins (many stains— including dirt, dairy, and meat— are protein-based). Since silk is a protein-based fiber, enzymes will also cause damage and weaken your silk and its dye over time.