Explained: The Wonders of Silk Pillowcases

Explained: The Wonders of Silk Pillowcases

Silk pillowcases have gone beyond just being a bedding item that embodies style and elegance. They’ve become a staple in the pursuit of luxury and well-being, growing widely in popularity for a variety of reasons. 

And, as the lovers of all things high-quality, artisan silk, we’re here to explain the true wonders of silk pillowcases. From skincare to hair care, the silk pillowcase phenomenon promises an unbeatable sleeping experience. 

Silk Pillowcases: a gentle embrace for your skin

Silk pillowcases sure feel and look comfortable, but did you know there are a variety of benefits to your skin? Here’s now you can enhance your skin care with a silk pillowcase!



For those prone to allergies, silk pillowcases are a well-known solution. Silk is a protein-based natural fiber that is naturally hypoallergenic, mold and dust mite resistant. It’s non-irritating to even the most sensitive skin, meaning it’s an ideal choice for anyone suffering environmental allergies, eczema, acne, or other skin irritations. It can even be a great option for babies!


Good for glowing, wrinkle-free skin

No matter how you sleep, there’s a chance you’ve experienced the dismay caused by sleep creases. While these sleep creases usually disappear as the day goes on, some sources believe that repeated compression and creasing of the face can turn into permanent wrinkles over time. 

While we’re not scientists, we can understand why sleeping on a smoother fabric with less stiffness and creasing can help slow the wheel of time. 


Silk pillowcases are wonders for glowing wrinkle-free skin


But, as an added bonus, silk offers numerous benefits to give you glowing, healthy skin. 

  • Silk fabric contains a natural protein which may form a smooth film on the skin’s surface to prevent moisture loss
  • The natural silk fiber repels moisture more effectively, meaning that your pillow case won’t be stealing your moisture through the night
  • The gentle texture ensures a friction-free slumber, great for leaving your skin radiant and refreshed each morning


A cleaner sleep than ever before 

    It’s well-known that pillowcases can carry a lot of bacteria and grime, and it’s a nuisance when that bacteria and grime is exposed to prolonged contact to your skin. 

    While you should definitely wash your pillow regularly (a good reason why you should choose a washable silk pillowcase), silk has properties that help it stay clean between washes. More so, because silk takes in less moisture, it’s less likely to host dust mites and bacteria from your face/skin. 

    Plus, that hypoallergenic nature lends well to keeping your sleep as clean as possible.

    “Very soft and not slippery like the satin ones. Stays cool. Best part - actually less sheet marks on my face in the morning.


    Silk Pillowcases for hair care: nurturing your tresses

    Whether you have luscious curls, thick straight hair, or are experiencing thinning hairs: silk pillowcases are incredible for all hair types.

    Due to the fact that silk is naturally smoother than other fabrics, resting your locks on this pillowcase reduces the friction of the tossing and turning associated with sleep. This can work to reduce frizz, hair breakage, tangles, split ends and can result in silkier strands. 

    And, just like silk pillowcases promote moisture in skin, they do the same for your hair. Traditional cotton pillowcases can steal moisture from your hair follicles, which can lead to a lot of damage and long term issues. But if you struggle with hair health or frizz, this form of hydration can make a dramatic difference. 

    Plus, it’s a great way to keep your bleached, dyed or chemically treated hair as strong as possible.



    “This product is exactly as described. The quality is great and the customer service excellent. I bought it for my daughter who has curly hair and she was fed up with bed head which she no longer suffers from thanks to this pillow case.” 


    The unseen comfort of Silk Pillowcases: temperature regulation

    While we’re usually focused on throwing our blankets on or off depending on our temperature, we don’t often think about how bedding from our shoulders-up affects our sleep. 

    But, if you’re looking for an effective way to stay comfortable in bed – whether during the summer or winter – silk is the perfect bed-buddy. 

    Silk pillowcases are cool in summer and warm in winter thanks to their moisture-repelling properties and the natural, breathable fibers in mulberry silk. It’s great for regulating your body temperature and ensuring an always-comfortable night’s sleep.


    “This brand is so good. My first silk pillow case. It feels so nice and you can tell it was made with care. I like that it feels cooler than a cotton pillow case. Would definitely by more products from this company!”


    The ultimate luxury: the wonders of Tara Sartoria Silk Pillowcases explained

    At Tara Sartoria, we understand the difference that high-quality, artisan silk pillowcases make to your sleep. 

    Silk is timeless. It deserves care, individual attention and meticulous craftsmanship. And that’s exactly why we work directly with artisans in ancient silk villages in Vietnam. Our silk is handcrafted in limited quantities and follows sustainable practice, with minimal packaging, handmade production (with low impact on the environment), low waste of fabric and usage of eco-friendly materials. 

    We use 27 Momme silk of the highest quality. This is over 40% more silk than the more commonly used 19 Momme silk. It’s a precious material to us.

    And it makes a real difference to the ultimate luxury found in our artisan Mulberry Silk Pillowcases.


    Tara Sartoria Mulberry Silk Pillowcases: the wonders explained


    They’re supreme in quality, offering a sleeping experience like no other. You can say goodbye to morning bedhead and hello to soft, shiny hair and smooth skin thanks to the 100% natural mulberry silk used in each piece. 

    But the best part? 

    Our silk pillowcases are washable. Lower quality silk requires dry cleaning, because lower quality silk will shrink or fade. However, our high quality silk pillowcases can easily be popped on a machine wash, on a gentle cycle. Tumble dry it on low heat and your pillowcase will be good as new. 

    It also contains an envelope-style closing, making it easy to put on and take off and saving you from zipper discomfort. 

    But in addition to these practical benefits, our silk pillowcases exude luxury and sophistication. Their elegant design, high-quality craftsmanship and colourway options make them a timeless piece that will elevate the look of any bedroom. Whether you’re treating yourself or looking for the perfect gift, our silk pillowcases are sure to impress. 


    “These pillowcases make the perfect addition to our luxurious bedding. They are perfect for avoiding hair breakage, and keeping impurities off my face. The quality far exceeded our expectations. Now we want them on every bed in the house! But even better than the luxury is the peace of mind that this product is ethically sourced. I'm happy to rest my head guilt free. There was even a lovely hand written note from the person who made this item by hand. Such an exemplary product.”

    Now that we’ve explained the wonders of silk pillowcases, we encourage you to consider whether you’re ready to experience luxurious, sophisticated, beneficial sleep with one of the Tara Sartoria Artisan Mulberry Silk Pillowcases.


    Shop Tara Sartoria Mulberry Silk Pillowcases


    Each pillowcase sold supports fair wages, university scholarships, and 10% of all our profits are donated to women in disadvantaged communities, helping them on their path to a brighter future. Much like everything else available in the Tara Sartoria range

    If you’re looking for a better, more comfortable, stylish sleep? There’s no other alternative quite like Tara Sartoria.

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