Luxury Redefined: The Best Men's Silk Boxers

Silk boxers aren’t just a piece of clothing or undergarments great for wearing around the house or under your next professional attire – they’re a statement of luxury, comfort and timeless style. 

They may not always be seen, but in building an outfit ready for the day ahead, it counts to have a luxurious staple that makes a real difference to how you feel and how you perform. And there’s nothing quite like combining fashion and comfort into one unrivaled piece. 

When it comes to setting the tone for your morning, your day, and your nightly ritual: there’s nothing quite like Tara Sartoria’s best men’s silk boxers. Here’s why our range combines some of the best features to ensure refined comfort, class, and an unstoppable way to start or end your day. 


Why silk for boxers?

You likely know just how important it is for your everyday boxers to be breathable, absorbent and soft. And when it comes to finding the best boxers for men: silk makes a dramatic difference. 

High quality silk is known to be:

Temperature regulating

    Silk is naturally thermoregulating, effectively regulating your body temperature whether you’re rocking silk pajamas through the night, a silk statement shirt through the day – or just keeping your “package” comfortable in boxers. Whether it’s a warm summer evening or a chilly winter night, silk adjusts to your body’s needs, ensuring optimal comfort without causing overheating or discomfort. 

    This can be an absolute game-changer when it comes to finding the best silk boxers for men. 


      Unlike harsher fabrics, silk is oh-so gentle on your skin. Its smooth surface reduces friction, minimizing the risk of skin irritation. Additionally, silk’s moisture-wicking properties help retain skin hydrating. 

      And we all know when it comes to boxers for men, we want to keep those bits as breezy and irritant free as possible! It’s just one of the many reasons silk boxers provide some of the best comfort for men. 


        Sick of boxers that give you a nasty reaction? While silk is skin friendly, it’s also a hypoallergenic solution. Which means that for those with especially sensitive skin or allergies, you won’t have to worry about making this investment only to discomfort your skin HATES it. 

        Resistant to dust mites and mold, silk boxers provide a clean and allergen-free environment, promoting better health, better well-being, and comfort like never before. 

        Luxuriously comfortable 

        Aside from the many benefits of silk boxers for men, silk’s smooth texture offers a luxurious sensation against your skin. It promotes a sense of comfort that is purely unmatched by other fabrics, gently draping over your body, moving with you for perfect freedom of motion.


        Silk: the best fabric for men's boxers


        On top of these incredible benefits, with Tara Sartoria silk boxers, you’ll also be able to enjoy easy-care, machine washable silk, with travel ready convenience. All thanks to our complimentary travel bag and the unbeatable quality of our 27 Momme silk (over 40% more silk than the 19 Momme silk often used in mass-produced garments). 

        It makes a real difference to the men who chose to invest in a pair (or two!) for their every day. 


        Tara Sartoria: opulent silk boxers for busy, hustling men

        It was Tara herself who said her boyfriend didn’t even know silk boxers existed. Up until she gifted him a pair from her own range. Now, he just “can’t” and “won’t” wear anything else to sleep, and he certainly enjoys lounging around in them during the summer at home. 

        Tara Sartoria is all about luxurious, high-quality comfort, and we really do prioritize sleep 365 days a year. While our men’s silk boxers were specifically designed with sleep in mind, they provide unrivaled comfort and opulence for all men. 

        Made from thick, luxurious mulberry silk, our breathable, light and unbelievably silk boxers will make your day a little more special and magical. 

        They feature a classic full cut with a functional fly and side slits, made without a center back seam for heightened comfort and longevity. With a silk-wrapped waistband, we ensure that only silk touches the skin, with a tagless design to avoid any skin irritation whatsoever. 

        They’re a handmade favorite, with French seams for added durability and a fit you won’t believe.


        Tara Sartoria the best men's silk boxers


        There’s a reason our customers can’t get enough …

        "Before ordering these boxers, I honestly really didn’t know anything about this brand. I did not expect such a high quality garment, nor to find that the company is really great! These silk boxers really stand above many others. They do have a great weight, so they don't feel too light or flimsy, but they're still so cooling and soft! I overheat very easily, and am very sensitive to texture, but I have no issue with these. Also, the tag is on the leg seam, so no annoying, itchy tag. The elastic band does not cut into me or leave imprints at all, and is made of the same high quality silk as the rest of the boxers."

        They’re a perfect addition to any wardrobe. You can slip them on under your best professional attire to ensure you’re feeling confident for whatever work throws at you. You could pop them when you’re getting ready for your next date. 

        Or, more importantly, you can slip into them when your body is ready to relax. To signal to your brain that it’s time to experience high-quality comfort, and fully unwind from everything the everyday has to throw at you. 

        As a little dose of self-care, whenever you need it.

        We offer both single packs and two packs, to ensure you’re getting the most out of your purchase. And with our additional travel bag, you’ll have no trouble taking them with you on whatever holiday or professional trip you make next. 

        If you’re looking to redefine luxury and discover the best men’s silk boxers: there’s nothing quite like a Tara Sartoria collection. With free shipping on all US orders, free 30 day returns, and the freedom to buy now, pay later, we’ve made the entire process a seamless one. 

        Discover our full range of ethical, sustainable, and artisanal quality men’s silk boxers today


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