About Tara

Let me tell you a story. I grew up in a small town in Vietnam. Nearby, there is a silk village that has been producing silk for over 1,000 years. My grandmother’s most prized clothing items were the silk pants and shirts that kept her cool during the oppressively hot and humid summer days of Hanoi. She gave me the love and reverence for this precious natural fabric - light as air, flows like water on your skin, soft like an early morning gentle breeze, and naturally thermoregulating. It keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

I got a scholarship to go overseas to study university. I learnt first hand about the power of education and economic opportunity in changing one’s life. It changed mine, my mom’s, my cousins’, and many other women in my community. It is my commitment to make the kind of opportunities I had available for other women in my community.

After finishing my PhD, I had a successful career and quickly learnt that it came at a considerable cost. I often worked late into the night. I did not sleep well. I neglected self care. I had no time. As I turned 40, I embarked on a journey to take better care of myself. A journey that took me back to my root, including rediscovering the ancient, beautiful world of silk.

With Tara Sartoria, I bring together my love for silk, my commitment to women empowerment and my wish to support traditional silk artisans who are preserving our ancient silk traditions.

I invite you to join me in making beautiful dreams happen. Beautiful dreams when you sleep deep, luxurious and comfortable with our silk products. Beautiful dreams of a better life for the women in Vietnam and Indonesia. Many are able to fulfill their dreams of starting a business or go to university thanks to you (10% profit from your purchase is donated to women's projects).

I invite you to join me in living a story of love and care. Self love. Self care. Love and care for others. Love and care for beautiful things that are made with hearts and soul, made to last, and change your life as well as the lives of others.

Tara Nguyen