The Tara Sartoria Collection: Luxury Silk Clothing for Every Occasion

The Tara Sartoria Collection: Luxury Silk Clothing for Every Occasion

Silk clothing is timeless and sophisticated. It screams luxury and sophistication (... although if honest, we think it’s more likely to gently whisper it).

With numerous health benefits, silk clothing is a great addition to your day to day outfits and night time routine. Elevate your wardrobe with the Tara Sartoria silk collection, and discover why luxury silk clothing is just. so. good.


The silk clothing revolution

For starters, silk exudes opulence and luxury, and with its numerous health benefits, it’s no surprise silk clothing is becoming more and more popular. Here’s just a few of the reasons you should be jumping onto the silk bandwagon!

Due to silk’s incredibly smooth surface, wearing silk clothing results in unrivaled comfort and softness. Being lightweight and breathable also makes silk perfect to add to your wardrobe for layering or stand alone pieces that keep you comfortable all day!

As a natural thermoregulator, silk is temperature regulating. That means it can keep you cool in summer, being lightweight and breezy, and keep you warm in winter by retaining heat. This makes it perfect for your day to day activities, and even better for ensuring comfortable sleeping every night.

If you’re worried about your sensitive skin, silk is the way to go! With hypoallergenic properties, silk resists dust mites, mold, and other allergens that can trigger allergies.

Plus, it has great skin benefits! Silk’s smooth texture reduces friction on the skin, meaning it’s a great option for those with irritable skin. If you’re using it in your night routine, it's also super gentle on the hair, reducing frizzing and split ends.

Despite its delicate appearance and lightweight properties, silk has incredible durability, (... especially high quality silk like ours!) Your silk garments should last you a long time, maintaining appearance and quality - a great investment in our opinion!

There’s a reason silk is seen as an indulgence in luxury and opulence. The natural drape of silk and its continued use for thousands of years by royalty and the elites of society ensures silk has that timeless look of elegance and sophistication

Now you know the benefits… so, why choose us?


Why Tara Sartoria silk?

While you could opt to buy some of those mass produced silk items, it can quickly become apparent why silk is an art form and should be treated as such. 

We think Tara says it best: “It demands meticulous craftsmanship if it were to last. It is never meant to be a mass-produced item.”

We supply our silk directly from artisans in the oldest silk villages of Vietnam. This silk is 27 Momme, containing over 40% more silk than the 19 Momme silk often used for mass-produced garments. Handcrafted with traditional techniques, you can rest assured knowing you’re getting the highest quality luxury silk clothing.

Due to the high quality of our silk, you can absolutely wash it with water - no dry cleaning required! Our silk is of the highest grade, meaning it won’t fade or shrink like mass produced silk when washed with water; you can simply pop it in the washing machine on a delicate cycle, with one of our (included) garment bags for protection!

Perhaps most importantly - part of what makes us us is ensuring we respect the earth, the artisans, and the beautiful fabric throughout the entire process. When you choose Tara Sartoria:

  • You’re supporting our commitment to zero waste production. 
  • You’re supporting a small woman-owned business and ancient silk traditions. 
  • You’re helping young women and families break the cycle of poverty, with 10% of the profit from your purchases going towards helping women become economically self-sufficient and attend university.

So without further ado, here’sTara Sartoria’s luxury silk clothing for everyday and every night!


Luxury silk clothing = everyday comfort and style

Whatever your day to day life looks like - in the office, relaxing at home, spending time with the kids, or running around doing errands - everyone deserves to incorporate luxury silk clothing into their lives.

Silk’s unique properties make it perfect year-round to keep you stylish and comfortable! Let’s check out some of our styles:


Luxury Artisan Silk Blouse, V Neck, Sleeveless Tank Top

Luxury silk blouse sleeveless

Perfect for those warmer days, or to layer up for those cooler ones, this sleeveless blouse is classy and flattering. Ultra-soft and breathable, the elegant design, complete with a v-neck and luxurious texture, make this an excellent addition to your wardrobe. With the perfect blend of comfort, elegance, and practicality, this blouse is made for wearing all day (no matter what that looks like for you!)

“This feels lovely and looks awesome… perfect for layering, it’s also gorgeous on its own. The V neck is very flattering and it’s easy to dress up or down. Beautiful.” 

~ Maiya 

P.S. If you’re looking for something just as elegant but with a bit more coverage you can always opt for the rounded neck version of this sleeveless blouse. Alternatively, you can check out our silk camisole, perfect for day-to-night wear with adjustable straps and a flattering v-neck.


Luxury Artisan Silk Button Down Blouse for Women

luxury silk button blouse for women

Stylish and versatile, these 100% Mulberry silk blouses are that perfect work-to-dinner item. The button down look with a subtle band collar adds the perfect touch of elegance to a classic look that never goes out of style. Great for layering in those cooler seasons, and perfect for a sophisticated look on its own, these blouses are the epitome of luxury.

Of course, our men’s silk shirt version is just as stylish and versatile!


Spend every night in luxury silk sleepwear

So, you’re spending your days in luxurious silk clothing. Your nights are just as (if not more) important!

We rely on proper sleep to heal and rejuvenate us for the next day. It makes those amazing benefits of silk so much more appealing for our night time routines. 

What better way to settle in for a great night’s sleep (and to invest in yourself) than with a pair of luxury silk sleepwear?


Luxury Silk Pajamas For Women, Cami Boxer Set

luxury silk cami pajama set women

This Cami Boxer Set delivers the highest luxury and ultimate comfort. Natural and breathable, these are perfect for every season, and add that perfect touch of luxury to your nighttime routine. (If you like this one, you’ll also love our Luxury Tank Set!)


“I love this elegant set of artisan 100% pure mulberry silk pajamas… This set is wonderfully soft and silky, especially when you sleep in it, and you can wear this as loungewear.” 

~ Freds Mom


Luxury Artisan Silk Pajamas For Women

Luxury silk clothing pajamas for women

If you want something with a bit more coverage, these longer pajamas are perfect for you! With longer sleeves and pant legs, you can look and feel great, especially in those cooler months!

“Tara Sartoria does it again! :) I love supporting this company and appreciate the quality items they put out for their customers. This silk pajama set is just so nice - it’s comfortable, lightweights, and feels so luxurious. It’s easy to wash and hand up to dry overnight. Definitely recommend!” 

~ klainthabmore


Luxury Artisan Silk Pajamas For Men

A 100% mulberry silk pajama set for men, made with French seams for durability. With drawstring pants, pockets, and a functional buttoned fly, these pajamas are practical and stylish.

With classic details like a point collar, cuffs, and dark mother of pearl buttons, the pajama shirts are so stylish you can even wear them out and about, making it a great versatile piece for your collection.

“These are my new favorite pajamas! They look and feel absolutely wonderful. They are machine washable, which is fantastic so I don’t have to mess around with dry cleaning them. Well worth the money!”

~ SnowedUnder

The Tara Sartoria collection offers an exquisite range of luxury silk clothing. Whether you’re looking to elevate your day-to-day wardrobe or enhance your nighttime routine, these handcrafted silk clothes provide the perfect blend of comfort, elegance, and practicality. 

When you choose Tara Sartoria, your silk clothing isn’t just a great investment for you. Our commitment to quality and sustainability ensures every piece is a conscious choice for the environment, and works towards empowering women in disadvantaged communities.
Explore our exquisite full range of luxury silk clothing to craft the perfect wardrobe for everyday and everynight. (PLUS!) You can enjoy free United States shipping and Afterpay on all orders!

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