Durable And Washable Silk

At Tara Sartoria, our commitment to quality begins with the source. We purchase our natural mulberry silk directly from artisans in the oldest silk villages in Vietnam, where silk production has thrived since the 9th century. This connection to silk craftsmanship means that when you buy our silk, you don’t just own a clothing item—you own a piece of history.

Momme, a standard measure of silk weight, is a key indicator of quality. Our artisan mulberry silk is 27 momme, over 40% more silk than the 19 momme silk often found in mass-produced garments. This commitment to top-tier quality translates into a luxurious feel and exceptional durability.

While lower quality silk often requires dry cleaning due to its tendency to shrink or fade when washed in water, our silk is of the highest grade, produced using traditional methods that have stood the test of time. This means you can absolutely wash it with water, just as it has been done for centuries. Our dedication to quality craftsmanship ensures that your silk garments retain their beauty and integrity wash after wash.

Enjoy the convenience of machine-washing with our thicker 27 momme artisan handmade silk. Each Tara Sartoria silk item comes with a detailed, easy-to-follow washing instruction card. You will have no problem caring for our silk. To preserve its beauty, use a laundry mesh bag to protect your silk items, and opt for a delicate or hand wash cycle with a gentle detergent and softener for delicates.

Experience the unparalleled luxury and ethical craftsmanship of Tara Sartoria silk—where history, quality, and sustainability weave seamlessly together, creating silk that stands the test of time.