Why You'll Love Sleeping on Tara Sartoria Silk Pillow Cases

Why You'll Love Sleeping on Tara Sartoria Silk Pillow Cases

When it comes to a good night’s sleep, there’s something special about an ethical, 100% natural solution that takes you from tossing and turning to a peaceful REM. At Tara Sartoria, we understand exactly how important this is for everyone. It’s why we’ve developed an entire range of artisan, high-quality, 100% mulberry silk garments and accessories. 

But when it comes to a seamless night’s sleep … there’s nothing like our luxurious silk pillow cases. Here’s why you’ll love sleeping on Tara Sartoria silk pillow cases

It goes beyond mere comfort and style: there’s something special about an ethical, community-driven sleeping accessory to let you rest easy knowing you’re making a good impact in the world too. 


Artisan silk pillow cases for pure luxury

Tara Sartoria understands that silk is timeless. Revered by royalty, traded from East to West along the Silk Road. Which is why it deserves care and individual attention – meticulous craftsmanship to make it last. It was never meant to be a mass-produced item. 

Which is why our silk comes directly from artisans in the oldest silk villages in Vietnam, where silk has been produced since the 9th century. We use 27 Momme silk of the utmost quality. For reference, this is over 40% more silk than the 19 Momme silk often used for mass-produced silk pillow cases. Instead, our hand loomed artisan silk is a precious material to us. 

Out of respect for the earth, for our silk artisans and this beautiful material, it has been important for us from day one to practice zero waste in our production. 

We save all cut offs and leftovers from the production of our silk pillow cases, kimonos and dresses, which we then use to make silk face masks, eye masks and silk scrunchies. 

The result? That we’re able to offer these products at outstanding value for our customers, while honoring the earth, the silk and the artisans. 

Because no silk material is wasted.


Artisan silk pillow cases for pure luxury


And the best part about using real, high-quality silk made with the utmost care isn’t just the unbeatable softness, how long it lasts, or a sleeping experience like no other … It's that high quality silk can absolutely be washed.

That’s right, it’s a myth that silk requires dry cleaning. Lower quality silk requires dry cleaning, yes, because lower quality silk will shrink or fade due to the material. But silk has been around for thousands of years – way longer than dry cleaning has. 

So if you’re looking for silk pillow cases that are made with the utmost quality and care, you can rest assured that Tara Sartoria has exactly what you need. 

All of our silk pillow cases are made from 100% Mulberry silk, exuding luxury and sophistication with an elegant design and high-quality craftsmanship. 

“These things are just luscious to sleep on. I've had other silk charmeuse pillowcases, up to 30 momme, but this fabric feels more luxurious and holds up better than any others I've had. The finish and workmanship are excellent too--generous French seams, a deep lip to ensure the pillow doesn't slip out of the envelope closure. And did I mention the delicious feel of this silk? Absolutely worth the price.”

Silk pillow cases that contribute to better change in the world 

We know it makes a difference when you can rest your head knowing the silk pillow cases beneath you contribute to better change in the world around you. 

When working with communities in Vietnam and Indonesia, we understand just how important it is to give back. At Tara Sartoria, we believe in the power of education and economic opportunities to transform lives and communities. 

When choosing our products, not only are you supporting a small woman-owned business and ancient silk traditions, you’ll also help women and their families break the cycle of poverty. 10% of the profit from every purchase goes to programs that help women to be economically self-sufficient and attend university. 

We work with our nonprofit partners PPMK Empowering Women to Fight Poverty and Blue Dragon to give back to the world that supports us. 

This ensures that every single thing we do at Tara Sartoria is centered around ethical practices and a better future.

So you can sleep easy knowing you’re contributing to positive change, with every shop. 

“One can purchase the most advertised, one can purchase the lesser expensive. OR, one can help women AND get a premium product without even realizing it until they let that luxuriant product flow across their face, caress their skin as they sleep, or remarkably come from the washer just as beautiful as it went in. I purchase the teal and mercy me, it is LOVELY. I have zero regrets other than I wish I could have an entire sheet set made from this premium silk or at the very minimum a hand-made pair of sweet feminine pajamas. Luxury and pampering for myself and sweet dreams indeed. Who needs a partner?” 


The benefits of sleeping with Tara Sartoria pillow cases


Why you'll love sleeping on Tara Sartoria silk pillow cases


The thing about sleeping with any form of silk pillow case is that you’ll LOVE the benefits. But with Tara Sartoria, these benefits are extended thanks to our high-quality luxurious silk fabric. 

Unlike other synthetic fabrics, our natural 100% mulberry silk is gentle on your skin and hair, helping to reduce wrinkles, bedhead and frizz. The silk also helps to regulate your body temperature, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep. It goes beyond just helping you rest easily. You’ll also enjoy wrinkle-free skin, healthier hair and a cleaner sleep than ever before. All thanks to our luxury artisan silk pillow cases

If you’re interested in learning more about these amazing benefits, read The Wonders of Silk Pillowcases explained here.


This is the best silk pillowcase I've ever owned! The silk feels thick, cool and slippery to the touch; a treat to sleep on. The color was true to the photo. The fold over opening (inside the pillow case, on the short side) which encloses the pillow is made in such a way that minimizes wear & tear on the silk when putting it on/off the pillow … The beautifully done French seams mitigate seam stress during washing and extend life span of the pillow case … I would definitely recommend purchasing this silk pillow case!”


The Tara Sartoria difference for an easy purchase

You’ll love sleeping with Tara Sartoria silk pillow cases for so many reasons. But thanks to our easy purchase features, you’ll have a dreamy process from start to finish. 

You can indulge in the ultimate luxury with our artisan mulberry silk pillow cases, while also enjoying:

  • 30 day easy return and exchange
  • French seams for durability
  • Free United States shipping on all orders
  • Exceptional customer service and a passion for the craft 

Plus, you’ll also enjoy a lovely travel bag with your purchase and there are 6 gorgeous colors to choose from!


Tara Sartoria easy purchase silk pillow cases


It’s just one of the many reasons why you’ll love sleeping with our silk pillow cases. But, we assure you, the more you look into Tara Sartoria, the better this selection gets. 

Explore the full range today for a collection of silk pillowcases, silk blouses, silk pajamas, dresses and so much more!

“These pillowcases make the perfect addition to our luxurious bedding. They are perfect for avoiding hair breakage, and keeping impurities off my face. The quality far exceeded our expectations. Now we want them on every bed in the house! But even better than the luxury is the peace of mind that this product is ethically sourced. I'm happy to rest my head guilt free. There was even a lovely handwritten note from the person who made this item by hand. Such an exemplary product.

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