The Tara Sartoria Sleep Routine

The Tara Sartoria Sleep Routine

Good sleep is one of those things that everybody needs, but not everyone can achieve. 

Sleep health plays a huge role in your physical health, mental health, and overall quality of life. So if you spend your days feeling groggy, restless, irritated… (you get the idea)... it may have something to do with how you’re spending your nights.

Of course, there can be a plethora of factors beyond your control that determine how well you’re getting in your nightly Zs. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be taking advantage of those factors you can control.

And part of what you can do is create a great sleep environment and routine to set yourself up for the best possible night’s sleep. 

There’s a reason silk products are becoming more and more popular to use for these nighttime routines. With smooth material, thermoregulating properties, and breathable fabric, silk is revolutionizing how we treat ourselves to sleep. To help you out, we’ve created the Tara Sartoria sleep routine, outlining some of the best uses of our silk products to achieve amazing sleep health, and restful, quality sleep. 

Because getting quality sleep means increasing your quality of life and we all deserve that, don’t we? ;) 


Rug up with a Tara Sartoria silk robe

Creating a healthy sleep routine can be overwhelming, so let’s start with something simple. 

It begins with ensuring your mind and body know that it’s time to get ready for sleep. Taking a shower and slipping into one of our 100% artisan-made silk robes is a great way to signal to yourself that it’s time to slow down and deactivate for the day.

Rug up with a Tara Sartoria silk robe

Made from the finest artisan mulberry silk, these pieces exude opulence and embody comfort. With handcrafted 27 Momme silk designs, these robes are breathable and gentle on your skin, allowing you to lounge in luxury.

Using a silk robe as part of your nighttime routine doesn’t just mean you can chill out in style before bed. It can also serve as a mindfulness practice, and helps to create a sense of ritual and consistency. By doing this you’re not only promoting calmness and relaxation … 

But also ensuring your body and mind are working in tandem to harmoniously set yourself up for a great night's sleep.

So regardless of how you spend your down time before bed - cozying in with a book and cup of tea, reading to the kids, or settling in for a movie with a glass of wine, you can relax and feel amazing while doing it in one of these stylish pieces.

With pockets and an attached belt, there are a variety of designs to choose from based on your own taste, such as a longer classic style, or a shorter knee length robe

And yes, we have men’s robes too! See what our customers have to say:

“This is a top quality robe made of beautiful quality silk. It's incredibly comfortable, extremely well made (with excellent quality French stitching that is clearly done with care), attractive, and machine washable. I LOVE lounging in this as it's just so soft and comfortable!

~ SnowedUnder on Silk Robe for Men



Sleep in bliss with artisan silk pajamas

Sleep in bliss with our artisan 100% silk nightgown

Of course, getting your mind and body ready for sleep is just half the battle. Actually having a good night’s sleep is the next challenge. 

That’s why part of our Tara Sartoria sleep routine includes our artisan silk pajamas, designed to help you achieve the best night’s sleep possible.

Sleep is when your body heals and repairs itself, so it’s essential to establish healthy sleep habits. When you have quality sleep, you support hormone regulation and promote effective cognitive functioning, making it vital for overall well-being.

Our artisan silk pajamas are designed to transport you straight to dreamland. Elegant in design and practical in style, these are perfect to slip into before hopping in bed. Explore the full range of our styles here, including Nightgowns, Cami Boxer Sets, and Tank Pants Sets.

With natural and breathable fabric, our pajamas are hypoallergenic and super gentle, making them perfect for those with sensitive skin. Not only that, due to silk’s thermoregulating qualities, these pajamas help regulate your body temperature, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter, enveloping you in comfort and luxury throughout the entire night.

The beautiful nature of our 27 Momme silk allows it to gently drape over your body in a soft embrace, promoting deep and restful sleep. Getting this quality sleep will help ensure that you feel more alert, energetic, and productive throughout your day.

With a variety of designs for women and men, you can find your preferred style, fit, and color. Have a look at what some of our customers have to say:

This night gown is just first class. The silk is so soft and natural. The color is deep and beautiful… This is just gorgeous for yourself or to give as a gift.”

~ Kelly on Silk Nightgown


“The band collar adds a touch of sophistication to the design. Whether I’m lounging or sleeping, these pajamas provide the ultimate indulgence in sleepwear.” 

~ Mike on Silk Pajamas For Men


Set the tone: with a high-quality silk pillowcases

high-quality silk pillowcases for best night's sleep

Silk pillowcases are a luxurious addition to your silk collection, offering numerous benefits for your skin and hair health.

Unlike more common materials such as cotton, silk is significantly less absorbent, meaning it doesn’t harbor that negative bacteria that can harm your skin. This quality also prevents silk from soaking up those expensive skincare products you’ve just applied to your face. Silk’s gentle hypoallergenic properties ensure you’re reducing skin irritation, ideal for those who have sensitive skin. 

In essence, silk pillowcases prevent pore clogging, and ensure your skincare products work effectively, minimizing the risk of skin breakouts, and creating a healthy complexion. And, as an added bonus, silk’s smooth quality can also help reduce hair breakage and frizz (effectively curing that case of bed head).


Additional sleep accessories for the best night’s sleep 

Why stop there? The final element of the Tara Sartoria sleep routine is our sleep accessories. Not only are these products great to round off your silk collection and sleep routine, but you can also use them knowing they are sustainably and ethically made. All of our accessories are created using leftover fabric from the production of our other silk products. These items ensure no precious material is wasted, honoring the earth, silk, and the artisans who make them.


silk accessories to achieve your best night's sleepTry out our hair scrunchies, perfect for helping keep your locks healthy and happy while you sleep. With silk you can create less friction on your hair, helping to prevent breakage and tangling. 

Our silk masks are great for blocking out any visual distractions that may be inhibiting your sleep schedule. Made with multiple layers of dark silk to block out light, these silk masks maintain superior softness on your eyes. Designed with adjustable straps to ensure there’s no pressure on your head while sleeping, these items are made for maximum comfort. 

P.S. These are a travel essential, so you can add them to your nighttime routine anywhere and everywhere for your best night’s sleep.

Immerse yourself in the luxury of the Tara Sartoria sleep routine to help ensure you can experience the numerous benefits and wonders silk products can do for your overall sleep health. 

By embracing your sleep routine, you’re not only investing in your sleep health; you’re investing in a lifestyle that values restoration and rejuvenation, creating a foundation for your overall well-being.

Indulge in the exquisite quality of silk, and allow yourself to wake up each day refreshed and revitalized, ready to focus on what truly matters to you. Whether that’s your career, your family, your social life, or simply taking some time for yourself. 

Explore our exquisite range of silk products to create your perfect nighttime routine, and finally achieve your best night’s sleep with Tara Sartoria.

Enjoy Afterpay on all orders and free shipping across the US. You can also rest easy knowing that 10% of all profits are donated to empowering women to become economically self-sufficient and attend higher education.

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