Sleep Soundly in our Silk Pajamas: Relief for Chronic Pain

Sleep Soundly in our Silk Pajamas: Relief for Chronic Pain

At Tara Sartoria, we’ve heard many stories from our customers about how our silk nightgown, boxers, and pajamas – for both men and women – help them sleep better. Thanks to our artisan-quality, 27 Momme, 100% Mulberry silk, customers are able to keep their body temperature comfortable, avoiding overheating (especially for those who are hot sleepers or going through menopause) and, thanks to their travel bag, they’re great for traveling too. 

There’s a wealth of different reasons why people can’t resist adding a touch of luxury to their nightly routine with Tara Sartoria silk pajamas. 

But we thought we’d heard it all – until we received a review from a new customer about how our silk pajamas helped this individual sleep soundly, with relief from their chronic pain nightmare. 

David’s story of how our silk pajamas relieved his chronic pain for a good night’s sleep 

David worked for 25 years as a commercial photographer, shooting for large ad agencies and clients from high tech to food, all the way to fashion (hey, that’s us!). For him, that involved a lot of standing around on concrete floors for hours on end, hanging off scaffolding and ladders in awkward positions. 

His back pain became chronic after years of this. 

And it’s a common story we hear a lot: a repetitive task at work leading to lifelong discomfort. 

Just one aspect of chronic pain is poor sleep, and David reported that he’d been rolling like a log through his nights, just trying to get comfortable. 

It was his wife who suggested – after one particularly tough night – that if he were to sleep in her satin robe it might make it easier for him to roll in bed. 

It helped a lot. 

When repositioning hurts, it tends to wake you up more. But when it’s easier to move, you tend not to awaken as much. For him? That was a huge improvement for his sleep patterns. 

After that, he tried satin pajamas and as slick as they were – the synthetic material was hot and didn’t breathe well at all. “Not comfortable for me at all.”

Silk is the perfect material for this, and David couldn’t agree more. 

He reached out to us with a review we didn’t expect: to say how our silk pajamas helped him achieve the best night’s sleep in a long time. And it was a shock to us to discover yet another benefit to sleeping with our range:


how our silk pajamas transformed davids sleep


It was one of those delights that made us smile – especially knowing the change David got to see, all from luxury, high-quality silk pajamas. 

How we made pain-free sleep even more accessible for David (and how we can do the exact same for you!)

In his email, David asked us if it was possible to create silk pajamas with the “shiny side in”, so he could stop flipping his pajamas inside out and have purpose-built styles for his condition. 

He extended this concern for others too – he wanted to ensure anyone with chronic pain had easy access to silk pajamas that would transform their sleep.

So, we steered him toward creating a custom order – and he sure did. In fact, we saw quite a few orders come in from him over the next few days, and we can’t express just how grateful we are for this support.


davids chronic pain review

It was a reminder to us just how beneficial custom orders can be for our silk luxuries. So whether you have chronic pain and want to experience pain-free sleep, or just have your own special ideas for our garments: don’t hesitate to place your own custom order

There’s nothing we love more than seeing our handmade, artisan silk transformed into a life-changing ritual, tailored to your specific needs. 

It meant a lot to help David, and it’d mean a lot if we could help you too. 

The silk pajamas transforming sleep for chronic pain

At Tara Sartoria, we understand how important it is to have a restful night’s sleep. It’s why we put a lot of love into our silk pajamas, and why we have such a unique range for both men and women.

Our most popular styles for men include:


Made from the finest mulberry silk, our luxury artisan silk pajamas set for men in this classic style are a game-changer for sleep. They’re so comfortable, in fact, you may never want to take them off. With a classic full cut shirt with point collars, cuffs and mother of pearl buttons – this shirt looks amazing even with jeans outside the house. They’re one of our most popular styles, and for good reason too!


luxury silk pajamas for men


Similar to our classic silk pajama set, this luxury artisan short silk pajamas set is a best-seller for so many reasons. It comes with a short-sleeved button-up top and shorts with an ultra-comfy elastic waist. For those living in warmer climates who want the maximum freedom from their wear, this is an ideal selection. Plus, this short-sleeved top looks great throughout the day too!


luxury short silk pajamas for me



And our most popular styles for women are:


Our luxury artisan silk pajamas for women tank/pants set is an absolute dream! These pajamas are carefully crafted to ensure that they’re not only luxurious and comfortable, but long-lasting and easy to care for too. It features a sleeveless top with v neck and split hem for comfort, and pants with not only an adjustable waist, but pockets for the most functional sleep too.

luxury silk pajamas for women

If you’re looking for a classic style of silk pajamas, look no further than these band collar silk pajamas for women. Tara works from home, and even she can’t stop herself from wearing them all day long, even swapping out the pants for jeans when she wants to leave the house! With a classic full cut shirt with band collars, mother of pearl buttons, this set is absolutely irresistible!

luxury silk pajamas for women long


But that’s only a handful of our favorites! We have a wide variety of short and long styles, with everything in between. And, if you have any specifications? You can easily customize your order here

If you’re looking to discover a nightly ritual that ensures the utmost comfort, elegance, with a wide range of benefits that you wouldn’t even expect? Explore the full range at Tara Sartoria. Our collection of robes, boxers, pajamas and more are a game-changer for the bedroom – including those suffering with chronic pain. And, if you have your own unique experience? Don’t hesitate to let us know. 

As you can tell – we take our feedback pretty seriously. 

“This is one of several pieces from Tara Sartoria which I have and all of them are excellent. This particular pajama set comes in a matching silk bag and has a hair scrunchie as a bonus gift. Fabric: thick 100% mulberry silk, very breathable, feels warm in the winter and cooling in the summer. My body doesn't sweat whatsoever while wearing this fabric. It feels incredibly luxurious and soft. It's a lot thicker and denser than a typical scarf from same material. Tailoring: excellent. All seams are hidden because they're finished in French fashion … This requires a lot of work and skill for the seamstress and a lot of extra fabric, but the result is that there's no visible edges of the material. This means that the pants won't ever split and it's virtually impossible to tear a seam during wear … The verdict: highly recommended! Yes this is a very expensive garment, but I love it and I think every woman deserves to own a few luxurious pieces like this.”

~ Tagerosan

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