Introducing: Our New Summertime Short Sleeve Shirt Dress!

Introducing: Our New Summertime Short Sleeve Shirt Dress!

There’s something special about the summertime, and at Tara Sartoria there’s all the more reason to celebrate with our new style: the Short Sleeve Shirt Dress

We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to breathe life into your wardrobe, with our handmade, artisan silk delights, and this new release is an absolute dream. Combining style and comfort, this dress will give you a summer you’ve been dreaming of. 


Here’s what to love about this summertime staple Short Sleeve Shirt Dress 

Our Short Sleeve Shirt Dress (with its own attached belt!) is a wardrobe essential for busy women who want to look stylish with ease and comfort. But there’s so many things to love about this new style! Here are just a few of our favorite factors to consider:

Timeless, classic style 

There’s something about a timeless, classic style that lasts for years to come, and this Short Sleeve Shirt Dress is serving exactly what you’ve been looking for in your wardrobe. 

A shirt dress is a timeless classic for a reason – it looks oh-so elegant on almost every woman, flattering on almost all body types, and is so functional. You just can’t go wrong with an over-the-knee length garment like this, especially with 5 different colorways ideal for any wardrobe.


Timeless, classic style for summer

Breathable, breezy, beautiful silk 

Don’t get us started on silk – it’s our passion, and for good reason too! 

Silk is timeless and has been revered for centuries now. It deserves care and individual attention, meticulous craftsmanship and respect – through every step of the process. We ensure our silk comes directly from artisans in the oldest silk villages in Vietnam where silk has been produced since the 9th century. 

We use only 27 Momme silk of the top quality – which is over 40% more silk than the 19 Momme silk often used for mass-produced silk garments. For this reason, our hand-loomed artisan silk is like no other. 

It delivers unmatched comfort with a “true silk” feeling that makes it easy to travel with, machine washable, and perfect for summertime. Thanks to its naturally thermoregulating properties, our silk adjusts to your body’s needs, ensuring optimal comfort without causing overheating or discomfort. 

And we’ve carried this unrivaled quality through to our latest Short Sleeve Shirt Dress, giving you a breathable, breezy and unbelievably beautiful style staple for the warm seasons. 


Perfectly versatile for whatever life throws at you

As well as being a timeless, classic style that will follow you through all your many years, this Short Sleeve Shirt Dress is also such a versatile style. 

Alongside being the perfect summertime fit, it can also easily be styled for cold seasons. Just don a cozy jacket, pop some stockings underneath and *viola* the thermoregulating properties of our silk will have you covered. 

We also love the ease at which you can pop a button or two on this fit and completely transform your look. Wear it dressed up with show-stopping accessories, or wear it as-is for an all-too-elegant statement piece on its own. 

It’s great for work, home, errand-running and everything in between. In fact, we can even imagine it’d work pretty well as a summertime robe if you want to leave the buttons undone and cuddle up on the couch. 

There’s just so many ways to wear, style, and enjoy this summertime garment – making it all the more worth your while for fleshing out your wardrobe. 


Shop the Short Sleeve Shirt Dress today for a dream-like summer 

Do you now understand why we can’t get enough of this stylish new summertime fit? But that’s not all the reasons we love this new addition, the features of this fit are absolutely divine. 

As per all our designs, we use the highest quality natural mulberry silk, renowned for its comfort and ability to regulate body temperature. This shirt dress is designed to fit into your busy lifestyle – you’ll both look good and feel incredibly comfortable wherever your day takes you. 

It features practical details for your comfort, such as 2 sets of inner ties, a silk pouch for storage or traveling, an attached belt for accentuating that waist, and did we mention it features side pockets for all your summer essentials?


Side pockets for all your summertime essentials in this dress


If you’re looking for a summertime staple, look no further than our new Short Sleeve Shirt Dress. This new addition is soon to become a much-loved favorite, available in five beautiful colors. Shop this style now with Afterpay and enjoy free shipping on all US orders. 

And while you’re there? Peek our full collection of luxury, artisan silk delights.


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