Why It's So Easy To Travel with Tara Sartoria Silk

Why It's So Easy To Travel with Tara Sartoria Silk

Traveling professionals, holidayers and digital nomads love Tara Sartoria silk. And for more than just the high-quality, comfort and style of our silk – but also because we make traveling with all of our garments an absolute breeze. 

You can rest assured that you’ll always make an easy style statement, especially when you can easily wash our silk with the complimentary shampoo in the hotel room, and carry it with you in an easy travel bag that makes packing overwhelm a thing of the past!

Discover exactly why it is that travelers swear by Tara Sartoria silk garments. 

You can literally wash our silk with shampoo in the hotel room!

At Tara Sartoria, we take your go-getter lifestyle seriously. Which includes enabling easy-care of all of our silk products. So when it comes to washing and drying your silk goods during your travels? You won’t have to worry about finding a professional dry cleaner – you can do all your cleaning in the bathroom sink of the hotel room, with just a touch of shampoo!

That’s right – we’ve boasted the ease at which you can wash your silk garments with our machine-wash friendly, high-quality 27 Momme silk. But this ease of cleaning goes beyond your stock-standard machine: it includes the simplest hand washing routine possible too. 

And, don’t worry, it’ll still ensure your garment lasts for years to come.

All you need to do is fill the bath or sink with lukewarm water, add a tiny bit of mild shampoo (conditioner too if you want that super-silky feeling!), submerge the garment and gently agitate the water.


Travel easy by washing our silk in the hotel room!


Then, just rinse thoroughly with cold water and press out that excess water gently. And if you’re worried about wrinkles as it dries overnight? Rest assured that within an hour of wearing our garment, the natural fabric will return to wrinkle-free form thanks to your body’s natural heat. 

It really is that easy! You can just imagine how stress-free it makes the travel process, especially when you’ve got places to be and things to do on the daily!

“I love how easy my silk shirts from Tara Sartoria are to wash! I like to hand wash them in a little shampoo, gently wring them out, hang them up to dry and then they’re good to go. In our climate they don’t even need ironing!”

~ Jo McKee

Travel bag? No problem

When you shop with Tara Sartoria, you can rest assured that every item comes packed inside a complimentary garment bag. It’s really handy for those wishing to machine wash – so you can just turn your garments inside out, pop them in the bag, and give them a secure wash. But they’re also super handy for those wishing to travel too! 

In general, silk is a wonder to travel with. While it provides luxurious comfort and style, it’s also a lightweight fabric that packs perfectly without taking up too much space. But with the added benefit of a handy traveling bag, you’ll be able to ensure there are no nasty hiccups, and can even pop your garments into a small overnight bag and rest assured they’ll stay safe and snug until they’re ready for use. 

It makes a real difference to our customers who are regular travelers. Especially when you consider the combined benefit of being able to easily wash your Tara Sartoria silk garments in the hotel bathroom. Who needs to pack more than one of each item, if you can easily wash them in the sink, dry them for the next day, and carry them around in the handiest little pouch!


Travel easy with Tara Sartoria silk gift bag


It’s clear just how easy it makes traveling, when you travel with Tara Sartoria silk. 

“ For the price, the quality of every aspect of this silk slip/nightgown exceeds expectations. They even include a silk travel pouch! I am going to roll it up (to keep from getting wrinkled again,) and can't wait to take it on my next trip! ”

~ Linda

At Tara Sartoria, we believe in putting every silk garment in the best light possible. Effortlessly blending comfort, style, convenience into one timeless garment that checks off all your boxes – including the “easy to travel with” box that our professionals and holiday goers absolutely adore!

It’s one of the many things that sets our artisan quality silk apart. Because we understand that silk deserves meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail from start to finish – including long lasting care and enjoyment for all of our customers. 

If you have a trip coming up soon that you want to turn into a seamless, stress-free experience in every way possible? Shop the full range of silk delights today, for both men and women, and enjoy:


  • Afterpay available on all orderr
  • Free shipping US wide
  • 10% of the profit from your purchase goes to programs that help women to be economically self-sufficient and attend university


“ The best SILK. I have had to wear silk my entire life, due to a neural condition. Until lately I made due with what I could afford, but was ashamed of the poor quality. Tara Sartoria is the first company I have found that provides high quality, since my mom stopped sewing for me 40 years ago. Very Very Happy with everything I have purchased from Tara Sartoria. Can't thank you ladies enough.”

~ Diana

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