The Modern Man's Ritual: Silk Robes for Men

The Modern Man's Ritual: Silk Robes for Men

Silk robes are iconic - throughout history they’ve been used and adapted in different time periods and cultures. They exude luxury and comfort … it’s no surprise they’re still popular in today’s day and age. With numerous benefits, both physically and psychologically, we’re going to break down what it means for the modern man to incorporate a silk robe into his ritual. 


The history of silk robes

To understand why silk robes are so iconic, we have to take a journey through time, all the way back to Ancient China.

It was here, around 2,700 BC, where silk production originated and paved the way for the global popularity of silk robes. Worn by Chinese emperors and high-ranking officials, silk robes were symbols of status, reserved for the elite.

Spreading amongst East Asia, silk production eventually traveled to the West along the Silk Road. Here, silk robes gained popularity amongst European aristocracy and royalty in the 17th and 18th centuries. By the 19th century, silk robes had become iconic in European men’s fashion, valued for their comfort and versatility, particularly as loungewear.

Silk robes continued to evolve, becoming synonymous with glamor and luxury through ‘vintage icons’ that were the Hollywood stars of the 20th century. Fast forward to present day, silk robes are still staples in people’s loungewear collections, and integrated into their daily routines.

Spanning centuries and a variety of cultures, silk robes have remained a timeless symbol of sophistication and luxury. So, let’s explore how the modern man can make the silk robe part of his ritual for a successful and luxurious life.


The modern man’s ritual

It seems more and more people are incorporating silk robes into their everyday routine; not only due to silk’s amazing physical health benefits (we’ll explore these soon, don’t worry), but also because of the psychological benefits that promote relaxation and calmness.

Understanding the benefits of adding a silk robe to the modern man’s ritual begins with recognizing the importance of having a ritual or routine in the first place. 

An effective evening routine sets you up for a productive next day.

For the professional man, it can be difficult to switch out of work mode and into relaxation mode. You may find yourself overthinking, stressing, or anxious about the work day behind or the one ahead.

modern man's ritual


Even if you think your mind is switched off, your body can hold onto those subconscious thoughts and keep you in a state of alertness… You can’t seem to fall asleep on time, and if you do it's restless, inevitably waking up groggy the next day. 

By midday, your energy levels have plummeted, and it takes twice as much effort to form coherent thoughts. It’s frustrating! But fortunately, there’s something you can do to change that.

Establishing a nightly routine signals to your mind and your body that it's time to slow down and prepare for sleep. It creates a sense of ritual and consistency that forces your body to slow down.

Creating this ritual can be done through a variety of things, each with their own health benefits; going for a walk, taking a shower, reading a few pages of a book… or slipping into a silk robe.

Incorporating a silk robe into your ritual serves as a mindfulness practice, helping you become more attuned to your body, and enabling you to take control over your mindset. You can leave work at work, and optimize your time at home doing whatever you would rather be doing!

Creating that headspace of calmness and relaxation isn’t just important for your mental peace. Switching down for the day means you can have restful, rejuvenating sleep. This will ensure your body is repairing and preparing itself for a successful next day.

So, we can recognize the importance of having ritual in the modern man’s routine, but why silk?


Why silk?

It’s no fluke that silk is at the forefront of luxurious nightwear, and why it’s being incorporated into the daily ritual of thousands of people. 

Let’s explore a few of the health benefits that come from using a silk robe:

Unmatched comfort: silk is extremely smooth. By reducing friction with the skin, it reduces skin irritation, making it soothing and comfortable to wear. Its lightweight and breathable quality allows for air circulation, preventing overheating and promoting relaxation.

Thermoregulation: as a natural insulator, silk will adapt to your body’s needs. It will keep you warm in winter, and cool in summer - perfect for all year round. 

Hypoallergenic properties: the smooth surface of silk means it naturally repels bacteria, germs, and other irritants. Silk is also naturally moisture-wicking, giving it the ability to resist moisture, as well as dust mites, and mold. This will keep it clean and allergen-free, promoting better respiratory health, and perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Durability: Silk is meant to last. Its incredibly strong fibers with natural elasticity and resilience means silk is able to maintain its appearance and shape, while still being able to withstand wear and tear.

Functionality and style: with a loose fit, silk robes ensure you have full mobility and functionality, while making sure you feel comfortable. Plus, they’re just effortlessly stylish.

The Tara Sartoria silk robe for men: for unrivaled comfort 

With all that in mind, it would be downright sinful if we didn’t let you in on our Tara Sartoria silk robe for men!
silk robe for the modern man's ritual


“This is a top quality robe made of beautiful quality silk. It's incredibly comfortable, extremely well made (with excellent quality French stitching that is clearly done with care), attractive, and machine washable. I LOVE lounging in this as it's just so soft and comfortable!”

~ SnowedUnder

Expertly created with 100% mulberry silk and traditional handcrafted techniques, these classic silk robes are essential as part of the modern man’s ritual. 

We source our silk directly from artisans in Vietnam where silk has been produced since the 9th century. By using 27 Momme silk, our robes contain over 40% more silk than mass-produced garments (which typically use 19 Momme silk). Each robe is handmade and uses french seams for durability, ensuring each garment is of the highest quality.

With a classic design that includes a shawl collar, long sleeves, and two front pockets for convenience, these robes exude sophistication and elegance, and embody comfort. Plus, due to the high quality of our silk robes, you can machine wash them for simple and easy care (that means no more dry cleaning!)

Incorporating our silk robe into your daily ritual means prioritizing your mental and physical wellbeing.

You’re not only promoting relaxation and healthy sleeping habits, you’re optimizing your time, so that you can be your best self at home and at work.

Through thousands of years of history and culture, we can recognize the timelessness of silk robes, and acknowledge the plethora of benefits that come from incorporating a silk robe into your daily ritual. 

For the modern man, this can mean helping you switch off from work and into relaxation. Of course, our working ladies also deserve the very best! Why not have a quick look at our women’s silk robe collection.

Having a silk robe as part of your daily ritual effectively sets you up for the best possible night’s sleep, which in turn ensures you’re ready to have a great next day…

… all the while feeling extremely comfortable and luxurious! Just like the centuries of people before you ;)

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