Why Silk Pajamas Are So Beneficial For Sleep

Why Silk Pajamas Are So Beneficial For Sleep

When you’re chasing a good night’s sleep, the choice of your sleep attire plays a crucial role. Silk pajamas stand out, thanks to their luxurious feel and look. But when you search beyond mere comfort, silk pajamas come along with numerous other benefits. 

We’ll dive into all the reasons why silk pajamas are so beneficial for sleep, helping you unlock the secrets to a restful and rejuvenated night. 


Silk pajamas: beneficial for a good night’s sleep

Silk pajamas are perfect for anyone who wants to experience the ultimate level of comfort when sleeping. However, did you know they can actually help you fall asleep at night?

When compared to other pajamas – namely cotton or polyester varieties – silk pajamas have been credited for boosting restful sleep all night long. There are eighteen different amino acids found within the protein of silk fabrics, nicknamed ‘the sleep factor’ due to the unmatched level of comfort provided. 

But it’s not just going to improve the overall quality of sleep, it’s also been found that it can make it easier for you to fall asleep in the first place. Thanks to unmatched softness and the ability to calm any nerves at night, you’ll be able to enjoy that well-rested feeling every night when you don silk pajamas. 

“These are great for sleeping or lounging around the house. The color is so sharp looking...more clothes should come in mulberry 🫐”

~ Pandora’s Nest


Silk pajamas: your nightly skincare routine’s best friend

  • Hypoallergenic

It’s well-known that silk is a hypoallergenic material thanks to its soft fabric and the resistance to dust mites, mildew and bacteria. This is just one of the many reasons silk pajamas are so beneficial for sleep – but it’s an important one, especially for those with sensitive skin. 

More so, silk pajamas are often free of potentially harmful chemicals that can be found in fabrics like polyester. Meaning that they’ll reduce chances of any skin irritation whatsoever.

“The best SILK. I have had to wear silk my entire life, due to a neural condition. Until lately I made due with what I could afford, but was ashamed of the poor quality. Tara Sartoria is the first company I have found that provides high quality, since my mom stopped sewing for me 40 years ago.”

~ Chet

  • Anti-aging

If worn regularly for sleeping, silk pajamas can be incredibly beneficial for anti-aging. Unlike other fabrics, silk allows the skin to retain its moisture. You won’t have to worry about your skin drying out or removing natural oils while you sleep. This is great for those worried about the signs of aging – silk pajamas slow this process when compared to other sleep alternatives.


Silk pajamas are beneficial for anti aging just look at this sleek nightgown

Pictured: Tara Sartoria Silk Nightgown for Women


As well as reducing any irritation caused by friction on the skin, silk pajamas can reduce the development of wrinkles by preserving natural oils on the surface of the skin. It’s a benefit that counts for those of us who want to retain youthful, glowing skin!

“I can't believe how soft this silk feels on my skin. It is so comfortable to wear and I feel so luxurious and fancy in it!”

~ Erik


  • Reducing inflammation

On the topic of softer skin – if someone suffers from inflamed skin such as eczema, silk can be wholly beneficial for this reason. Silk fabric works to deter dust mites and other potentially harmful bacteria from building up. Which means silk is unlikely to make any inflammation worse, unlike harsher fabrics may do. 

Silk pajamas have also been known to reduce inflammation, promote treatment methods for skin conditions and even help with respiratory conditions such as asthma. Because with no build up of dust mites? Things get a lot less complicated! 

“Whether I’m lounging or sleeping, these pajamas provide the ultimate indulgence in sleepwear. While they may come at a premium price, the quality and luxury they offer make them worth every penny.”

~ Mike


The unseen benefits of silk pajamas: temperature regulation

Thanks to the moisture-repelling properties in the natural, breathable fibers of mulberry silk, silk pajamas are able to keep your temperature regulated while you sleep. Meaning whether you’re experiencing hot or cold temperatures, silk will work to keep you the ideal temperature for your sleep. 

Silk itself is known as a natural thermal regulator, meaning it’ll keep you warm during the winter and cool during the summer.

Consider wearing silk pajamas to bed if you struggle with temperature regulation or if you find yourself waking up at night due to the temperatures. 


“I love wearing this to bed! It keeps me cool and helps me sleep. It's very well made.”

~ Alicia


Tara Sartoria: the silk pajamas you need for your sleep

Tara Sartoria: the silk pajamas you need for beneficial sleep

Pictured: Silk Pajamas for Women Tank Pants Set


At Tara Sartoria, we understand just how important high-quality, artisan silk makes your silk pajama experience. 

Silk is timeless. It deserves care, individual attention and meticulous craftsmanship. Which is exactly why we work directly with artisans and provide handcrafted garments in limited quantities that follow sustainable practices. With minimal package, handmade production, low waste of fabric and usage of eco-friendly, you can trust that any purchase at Tara Sartoria follows the best possible practices. 

And that all of our 27 Momme 100% Mulberry silk garments are of the highest quality. 

We make more than just your standard silk pajamas. We have a wide selection of silk pajamas for both men and women, designed with the utmost care. 

Whether you’re shopping our Silk Nightgowns, our Cami Boxers Set, Men’s Silk Boxers, or Men’s Short Pajama Sets, you can rest assured that every piece is designed to make every evening’s rest a restorative one. 

Available in a range of sizes, our silk pajamas feature a comfortable and stylish design that is perfect for relaxing and sleeping. And, unlike other pajamas made from lower-grade silk, our silk pajamas are also machine washable for your utmost convenience. 

We’ve also discovered that many are wearing our pajama styles as day wear! 

And we really can’t blame them!


“My daughter wanted a silk grown so that she could have more room to move around in her online classes. She did not like getting dress every day. She loves this gown, and everyone thinks it is a dress and not a gown. She wants me to buy more in other colors.”

~ Mrs. Adams


If you’re looking to make the investment in silk pajamas to benefit your sleep, we recommend exploring our full range of silk wonders today. Who knows? You may even find a nice gift, or a stylish two-for-one to help you make the most of your purchase!

And remember: with every purchase of Tara Sartoria 10% of our profits go toward programs that help women to be economically self-sufficient and attend university. 

So you can sleep even better at night, knowing your purchase is doing the most for the world around you.


Shop Tara Sartoria silk pajamas for beneficial sleep



Are silk pajamas suitable for all seasons?

Absolutely! Due to the temperature-regulating properties, silk pajamas are suitable (and beneficial) for both warm and cold seasons, adapting to your body’s needs at the time.


How do silk pajamas contribute to better quality sleep?

Silk’s smooth texture reduces friction, minimizes sleep disruptions and promotes longer, uninterrupted sleep cycles for enhanced sleep. 


Are silk pajamas worth the investment?

You bet they are! The benefits of improved sleep quality, skin health and overall comfort make these pajamas a worthy investment in your well-being. Especially when you consider the benefits of a higher-quality silk choice … 


Do silk pajamas require special care?

While silk is heralded as being “super delicate” you’ll be surprised to know that high quality silks are actually easier to care for than regular silk. At Tara Sartoria, our silk pajamas are machine washable, making it super easy for you to care for our garments. And it’s all thanks to the exceptional quality of our artisan silk!


Can silk pajamas be a thoughtful gift?

Of course! They’re a wonderful gift for friends, family, or any loved one. The luxurious and elegant nature makes them a beautiful spoil, plus with all the many benefits associated, there’s so much for them to gain!

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