Tara Sartoria: The Silk Robe Revolution

Tara Sartoria: The Silk Robe Revolution

We all love snuggling up in a cozy robe before bed. Having a warm shower, maybe grabbing a cup of tea, and finally winding down after a long day. But if you want to experience luxe comfort with a difference? A level of relaxation, quality, and a nightly ritual that’ll have you in dreamland long before you lay your head?

It’s time to discover why Tara Sartoria is leading the silk robe revolution!


Why silk robes are taking the world by storm

Gone are the days of those artificial, fuzzy robes. Sure, they’re a classic for a reason, but we all know how frustrating they can be in the summer months – when you want to experience comfort, elegance, but that fuzzy thing is just way too hot. Even on a chilly winter night, these artificial robes seem to lock in your sweat, sending you to bed with a weird mix of “too cold to take off” but also make you feel like you need another shower just to get back to bed with that “fresh” feeling. 

Sure, they might have their place, especially when you want to bundle your kids up in a layer of padding. 

But when you’re in a fuzzy, artificial robe, you can’t cuddle under the blanket with your partner. You can’t get that cozy book nook feeling, when you’re in some bulky, heavy robe that always gets in the way. Plus, with that artificial material, they’re quick to start smelling pretty nasty … 

And how long do they take to dry after cleaning?! 

All you want is a comfortable nightly ritual from a luxurious robe that sets your nightly ritual apart from the rest. 

And silk is exactly what you’ve been searching for. 

There’s a reason silk is revered by royalty, and was traded from the East to the West along the Silk Road decades back. It’s a timeless style, a natural fabric that offers the ultimate comfort, style, opulence. There’s just something “different” about a silk garment and, for a long time now, silk shirts, pajamas and sets have been a favorite across the globe. 

And it's no different when it comes to silk robes. 

Unlike your classic, artificial, stuffy robe, a silk robe lends elegance to every nightly ritual.


Tara Sartoria silk robes for relaxation


Why? For too many reasons to count. 

Silk’s smooth texture offers a luxurious sensation against your skin, promoting a sense of comfort that is unmatched. It drapes over your body, creating a soothing embrace that encourages relaxation, and is lightweight enough not to way down your movements. 

Silk is also naturally thermoregulating. So, whether it’s a warm summer evening or a chilly winter night, a silk robe will adjust to your body’s needs, ensuring optimal comfort without causing overheat or discomfort. Perfect for keeping your nightly ritual fresh, no matter what season you’re in. 

Best of all, high-quality artisan silk – like the range available at Tara Sartoria – is machine washable. Yes, you heard it right! Silk can be easy to care for. Made using artisan methods in traditional villages where silk has been made for centuries – you can easily wash our silk in water like it has been done for thousands of years. And when it comes to drying your silk robe for the next night … you’ll have no trouble making it possible!

It’s only part of why silk robes are taking precedence in nightly routines across the world. 


Tara Sartoria: silk robe opulence for everyone 

The Tara Sartoria silk robe collection is like no other. If you want to step up your comfort game, they’re the ideal selection for you. 

Each robe is handcrafted with care by artisans in ancient silk villages, ensuring the highest quality and authenticity. Made with sustainability in mind, our robes are packaged in silk drawstring pouches, perfect for gifting, reducing waste, and taking on the go with you (for all those adult sleepovers). 

Plus, our commitment to fair wages, university scholarships, and community support means that every purchase helps empower women in disadvantaged communities. Which means that every time you slip on your silk robe and cuddle up on the couch? You can get that warm-fuzzy feeling of knowing your purchase worked to spread good in the world. 

Which means even more good from your nightly routine. 

We have a unique range of silk robes, to ensure opulence for everyone. No matter your size, style, or individual needs. Here are just some of our favorite styles:


Luxury Artisan Silk Kimono Robe for Women: Jacquard

Luxury Artisan Silk Kimono Robe for Women: Jacquard


Experience the ultimate in luxury and elegance with our long Jacquard Silk Robes for Women. The artisanal construction of this robe ensures that it is both lightweight and durable, perfect for everyday use or special occasions. 

The washable mulberry silk material is easy to care for, making it ideal for busy women who want high-quality clothing that is low-maintenance. And, because it is made from natural fibers, our silk robe is also hypoallergenic – making it ideal for anyone with sensitive skin. 

Whether you are lounging at home, getting dressed for a special occasion, or traveling in style: our long, washable silk robe is the ultimate in comfort and luxury, with the most elegant pattern. 

You’ll enjoy practical details for your optimum comfort: like 2 sets of inner ties to keep your robe securely closed and a silk pouch for storage and traveling. 


Luxury Artisan Silk Kimono Robe for Women: Short

Luxury Artisan Silk Kimono Robe for Women: Short


If you prefer a shorter-style silk robe, this one’s for you! Our knee-length silk kimono robe is perfect for a variety of occasions, from a relaxing night to a special event. That’s right – as with all our silk robe styles, you can easily pop it over a style statement and rock your next night out in comfort and elegance. 

Each robe is crafted with great care and attention to detail, ensuring they meet our high standards of quality and style. They’re individually handmade with french seams of durability and feature 2 sets of inner ties, as well as our complimentary silk pouch for storage and traveling. 


Luxury Artisan Silk Robe for Women: Long

Luxury Artisan Silk Robe for Women: Long


When you want to blend the timelessness of a silk classic with the length of our Jacquard style, you’ll love our Long Silk Robe for Women. The artisanal construction of this robe ensures that it is both lightweight and durable, perfect for everyday use or special occasions. 

It’s incredibly similar to our Jacquard style, however keeping the smooth and simple elegance of a pattern-free design. But the best part? This particular robe comes with the usual 2 sets of inner ties, attached belt, our silk pouch for storage and traveling AND pockets! So you can keep your bedtime essentials close by. 


Luxury Artisan Silk Robe for Men

Luxury Artisan Silk Robe for Men


That’s right – it’s not just women who get all the fun at Tara Sartoria. Within our range of artisan silk robes, we also offer an elegant choice for men, too. 

In fact, Tara herself bought her boyfriend one of these Silk Robes for men. And here’s what she had to say:


“My boyfriend didn’t think he needed a silk robe, but after just a week of using one, it suddenly became a ‘necessity’. When he comes home from work, the first thing he does is take a shower and change into his silk pajamas and robe. He loves the comfort and luxury of the silk robe, but what is even more important to him is the switch the robe brings. Nothing he wears in public feels and looks like a silk robe. So, putting it on helps him send a clear signal to his body and mind that it is time to switch off and relax. It really works!


It’s something all go-getter, hard working men need. They’re beautifully crafted with a classic design that exudes elegance and sophistication. The robe features a shawl collar, long sleeves, and two front pockets. 

If you’re looking for a nightly routine that’s different from the rest: that helps you set your mind, body and soul into “cozy time”, there’s nothing quite like a silk robe, especially the range found at Tara Sartoria. 

It’s time to say “goodbye” to bulky, oversized, stuffy robes and “hello” to nightly opulence, comfort, and a timeless style that makes you feel like royalty – even when you’re setting up on the couch to binge the next series. 

Discover the full range of men’s and women’s silk robes at Tara Satoria today and join the silk revolution!

You’ll also enjoy Afterpay on all orders, free shipping across the US and 10% of all profits donated to empowering women to be economically self-sufficient and attend university. 

And if you want to learn just how easy it is to care for our silk? Read our comprehensive guide here. 

"I've owned a few silk robes from different manufacturers over 30 years, but this one is the top quality and value for money I've ever worn. I've bought 2-one for me and one gift. Winning points- Thickest momme, best color stay, most feminine, more than plenty covering material, most elegant, superb handmade quality, and small business -Empowering females to be independent. What's not to LOVE??!! You'll never want to own another robe, I promise you that."

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