Tara Sartoria: Empowering Women Across The Globe

Tara Sartoria: Empowering Women Across The Globe

Tara Sartoria is about more than just luxury artisan silk delights: we’re also dedicated to making a positive impact, both through our sustainable practices and a promise to give back to the greater community at hand. 

While we’re passionate about empowering both men and women with silk wonders that transform your everyday, we’re making sure to level the playing field by empowering women across the globe. Here’s how!


Tara Sartoria: women owned and loved

Tara Sartoria is a small, women-owned business that was founded by Tara Nguyen in 2020. It all started from Tara’s own savings and a dream to create a business that supports both artisans and women. And the magical process looked a little like this:

“I grew up in a small town in Vietnam. Nearby, there is a silk village that has been producing silk for over 1,000 years. My grandmother’s most prized clothing items were the silk pants and shirts that kept her cool during the oppressively hot and humid summer days. She gave me the love and reverence for this precious natural fabric – light as air, flows like water on your skin, soft like an early morning gentle breeze, and naturally thermoregulating … 
I got a scholarship to go overseas to study. I learnt first hand about the power of education and economic opportunity in changing one’s life. It changed mine, my mom’s, my cousins’, and many other women in my community. It is my commitment to make the kind of opportunities I had available for other women in my community. 
After finishing my PhD, I had a successful career and quickly learnt that it came at a considerable cost. I often worked late into the night. I did not sleep well. I neglected self care. I had no time. As I turned 40, I embarked on a journey to take better care of myself. A journey that took me back to my roots, including rediscovering the ancient, beautiful world of silk. 
With Tara Sartoria, I bring together my love for silk, my commitment to women empowerment and my wish to support traditional silk artisans who are preserving our ancient silk traditions
I invite you to join me in making beautiful dreams happen. Beautiful dreams when you sleep deep, luxurious and comfortable with our silk products. Beautiful dreams of a better life for the women in Vietnam and Indonesia. Many are able to fulfill their dreams of starting a business or go to university thanks to you (10% profit from your purchase is donated to women's projects).
I invite you to join me in living a story of love and care. Self love. Self care. Love and care for others. Love and care for beautiful things that are made with hearts and soul, made to last, and change your life as well as the lives of others.”

It’s no wonder that Tara Sartoria has transformed into a much-loved and adored staple for both men and women. There’s just something special about a dedication to empowerment, and it translates in every single thing we do. 

From our caring, compassionate, dedicated customer service, to the high-quality designs, and all the tiny details: our designs are made wholeheartedly with love. Every single step of the way. 


The social impact of shopping at Tara Sartoria

The social impact of shopping at Tara Sartoria

The message that we heard again and again from women in disadvantaged communities in Vietnam and Indonesia was “we want opportunities, not charity!”

So, we listened. We believe strongly in the power of education and economic opportunities to transform lives and communities. Which is why, when choosing Tara Sartoria products, not only are you supporting a small women-owned business and ancient silk traditions, you’re also helping women and their families break the cycle of poverty. 

10% of the profit from your purchase goes to programs that help women to be economically self-sufficient and attend university. 

We work with our nonprofit partners PPMK Empowering Women to Fight Poverty and Blue Dragon to provide economic opportunities and university scholarships for women. 

PPMK is a grassroots microfinance organization that works to alleviate poverty in rural Indonesia. Founded in 2009, PPMK’s aim is to empower poor women through microcredit, health, and scholarship programs, so that they and their families can escape the cycle of poverty. In 2019, they provided 302 women clients with microcredit loans. Amongst these 302 women, 46 clients were for new women clients and the other 256 were returning clients who were successful in their previous loans. 

Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation is a grassroots charity reaching out to kids in crisis throughout Vietnam. Blue Dragon are street kids, children from very poor families and victims of human trafficking and slavery. Many children growing up with Blue Dragon are from extremely poor rural families who cannot afford to send their children to school. Often they are single-parent families, or the primary carers are grandparents, and the household income is from rice farming or fishing. 

Access to tertiary education helps individuals, families and communities break free of the poverty cycle. However, for those children with very poor families supported by Blue Dragon, paying for tertiary education just isn’t an option. Under our Tara Scholarships program, we partner with Blue Dragon to provide university scholarships to young women from rural areas, so they have access to a brighter future. 

And it’s just part of what we do to ensure we’re empowering women across the globe to live better lives and follow their dreams – no matter what might be standing in their way. 


The sustainable range of artisan silk at Tara Sartoria

Silk is timeless, deserving of care and individual attention. It demands meticulous craftsmanship if it were to last, and it was never meant to be a mass-produced item. 

Which is exactly why we buy silk directly from artisans in the oldest silk villages in Vietnam where silk has been produced since the 9th century. We use 27 Momme silk of the top quality, which is over 40% more silk than the 19 Momme silk often used for mass-produced silk garments. Our hand loomed silk is a precious material to us so, out of respect for the earth, for our silk artisans and this beautiful material – it has been important for us since day one to practice zero waste in our production. 

And the results are stunning, timeless, durable and elegant silk delights for both men and women that are transforming what comfort really means.

The sustainable range of artisan silk at Tara Sartoria
With a mix of nightly staples perfect for building a sleep ritual that makes for some of the best night’s sleep, and luxuriously professional attire ready for whatever life throws at you, there’s no limit to what can be achieved with our powerful range of silk garments. 

Tara Sartoria nurtures a focus on sustainable practices and making a better future for everyone. And that includes empowering women across the globe – not just with timeless designs to give any woman a leg up in their everyday life, but also by ensuring 10% of all our profits go toward helping women to become self-sufficient and attend university. 

If you want to support social change, explore our full range of artisan luxury silk delights today and enjoy Afterpay on all orders and FREE shipping on all US orders. 

And remember – every single silk luxury for you is promoting better change in the world around you. Because each small effort towards good is a step in the right direction. 

“The silk is so lightweight that when tied is doesn't add a lot of bulk to your middle. And silk is perfect for any kind of mild temperature. This is easy to throw on, and when I do, it adds a nice note of glamour to my decidedly unglamourous days. The owner of the company put a nice note into the order. It felt heartfelt, and true. She presented herself as someone who takes pride in what she and the workers in her company produce, and as someone who wants to give back. Maybe I am a little corny, but I like that.”
~ Linda
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