Summer Sophistication: Short Sleeve Silk Shirts for Men

Summer Sophistication: Short Sleeve Silk Shirts for Men

When it comes to “summer fashion” for men, the options can feel really limited. So many examples of “summer styles” show men wearing jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts, jeans, boots and other fits that will certainly work in the summer where it’s a bit cooler – but for those living in warmer climates, it’s just not realistic. In fact, it’s a surefire way to end up sweating through everything you own, if not half way to heatstroke. 

If you can find styles that work in your climate, they’re more often than not basic styles that just don’t hit the mark. Sure, you can wear a cap, a plain-style tee and some athletic shorts. But, for one, it can get so repetitive when that’s the only option you have. More than that: it can be such a drag to have to compromise on style, just to beat the heat. 

But if you’re looking for the ultimate summer sophistication? Something that can keep you cool, even when the temperature climbs to 85°F or even 90°F? There’s nothing quite like the temperature-regulating properties of high-quality artisan silk to give you an edge this hot season. 

Our Short Sleeve Silk Shirts for men are an absolute game-changer for men’s summer fashion. Let us introduce you to our best-selling summer staple for men, ready to transform the way you look at (and feel in) summer for good! 

Why silk is such a wonderful way to beat the heat in summer 

We touched briefly on the temperature-regulating properties of silk, but it’s one thing to drop that fact and another thing to understand it. 

You may already know that silk is regarded as an all-seasons favorite, but did you know it comes down to the nature of silk’s fibers?

Silk contains naturally thermoregulating properties, which work to effectively regulate your body temperature, whether that’s through the night, through a chilly day out, or through your sweaty summers. 

Silk perfectly adjusts to your body’s needs, ensuring optimal comfort without causing overheating or discomfort. It can be great for hot sleepers (which is why silk pajamas are an absolute dream for many) but it’s also an amazing solution for summer. 

The hypoallergenic properties of silk are also a winner. Silk is resistant to dust mites and mold, perfect for anyone with sensitive skin or allergies. This can be ideal for summer, especially those who experience sweat-related skin issues. 

Silk’s lightweight nature and quick drying properties make it the perfect choice for anyone looking to beat the heat. Especially busy men looking to stay on-the-go in a classy, professional, and comfortable way. 

The luxury artisan Short Sleeve Silk Shirt for Men

short sleeve silk shirts for men this summer

Meet our Short Sleeve Silk Shirt for Men! Whether you’re dressing up for a special occasion or just looking for a comfortable and stylish shirt to wear around town, this style is ready to take you anywhere. Its classic design and elegant style make it a versatile addition to any wardrobe. 

Pair it with jeans for a casual look, or dress it up with a suit for a formal occasion. No matter how you wear it, you’ll feel confident, stylish and cool this summer in this luxury shirt. 

Much like all of our garments at Tara Sartoria, this shirt is handcrafted in small batches, following traditional methods, with minimal environmental impact. It’s free from harmful chemicals and is created using our signature 27 Momme mulberry silk – containing more than 40% more silk than the 19 Momme silk more commonly used in mass-produced garments. This achieves an effortless, thermoregulating fit for all your summer endeavors. 

Plus, it’s such a breeze to care for. Due to the high-quality of our hand loomed silk, you can simply toss it in the washing machine in its own, travel-ready purse (which comes free with every order), and enjoy its soft, luxurious feel over and over again. 

Oh, and did we mention it’s available in 7 stunning colors? It makes it easier than ever to incorporate into your wardrobe, no matter your style. 

Short Sleeve Silk Shirt for Men

It’s the sort of style your partner will be stealing from you in no time … 

“Exceeded my expectations. This 100% mulberry silk shirt is top notch! The silk feels substantial and still so smooth and soft. The sewing of the French seams is expertly done, there is no flaw visible at all. True craftmanship! I machine washed in the gentle cycle, then I dried for 10 minutes on air to get the wrinkles out and then I hung it up. It looks great, there is almost no steaming necessary...and it did not shrink! This is a super nice quality item. It's so nice that I might "borrow" it from my husband. The current price of $140 is well worth it; I checked on some big brand name men's silk shirts and found none under $500.”

- Mom of three

If you’re looking for summer sophistication in a shirt: look no further than our Short Sleeve Silk Shirt for men. This handcrafted, artisan delight is the perfect wardrobe addition for beating the heat this summer. And the best part? It can follow you into the chill winter months, thanks to its naturally thermoregulating properties. 

But why stop there? The silk collection at Tara Sartoria is all handmade using our high-quality 27 Momme mulberry silk, and achieves effortless style and comfort – no matter what the weather is doing. 

Explore our full range of everyday essentials and dreamy sleepwear to discover luxury in every thread. Enjoy Afterpay on all orders, free shipping across the US and lean back this summer knowing 10% of all profits from your purchase go toward empowering women to be self-sufficient and attend university. 

How’s that for summer sophistication?!

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