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Tara Sartoria

Luxury Artisan Silk Kimono Robes For Women, Jacquard, Washable Natural Mulberry Silk

Luxury Artisan Silk Kimono Robes For Women, Jacquard, Washable Natural Mulberry Silk

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  • Ethically And Sustainably Made
  • Free 30 Days Returns
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"I've owned a few silk robes from different manufacturers over 30 years, but this one is the top quality and value for money I've ever worn. I've bought 2-one for me and one gift. Winning points- Thickest momme, best color stay, most feminine, more than plenty covering material, most elegant, superb handmade quality, and small business -Empowering females to be independent. What's not to LOVE??!! You'll never want to own another robe, I promise you that."

Experience the Ultimate in Luxury and Elegance with Our Long Jacquard Silk Robes for Women. The artisanal construction of this robe ensures that it is both lightweight and durable, perfect for everyday use or special occasions.

The washable mulberry silk material is easy to care for, making it ideal for busy women who want high-quality clothing that is low-maintenance. And because it is made from natural fibers, our silk robe is also hypoallergenic, making it ideal for anyone with sensitive skin.

Whether you are lounging at home, getting dressed for a special occasion, or traveling in style, our long, washable silk robe is the ultimate in comfort and luxury. 

  • Artisan Handmade Jacquard Mulberry Silk With Elegant Pattern
  • Individually Handmade With French Seams For Durability
  • Practical details for your comfort: 2 sets of inner ties to keep robe securely closed, silk pouch for storage or traveling.

    Natural Artisan Silk, Durable And Washable


    • 100% natural mulberry silk, 27 momme*
    • Handmade in a silk village with weaving traditions since the 9th century, using artisan methods 
    • Origin: Vietnam


      • Machine wash cold, in laundry mesh bag with a mild detergent
      • No dry cleaning is required
      • Easy care instructions for silk are included in each garment

      *What is momme?

      • Momme is the standard weight measurement for silk; the higher the momme, the thicker and higher quality the silk
      • While most mulberry silk garments on the market are 19 momme, our luxury artisan mulberry silk is 27 momme, representing over 40% more silk per garment.
      • This results in a luxuriously thick and sumptuous silk that is both durable and machine-washable.

      Loose Fit, Order Your Usual Size

      • Crafted for a loose yet flattering fit, our natural silk fabric is designed to drape gracefully, enhancing your figure
      • Order your usual size (do not size up)

      Free Shipping And Returns

      • 3-7 days free shipping on all U.S. orders.
      • 30 days free returns and exchange

      Ethically Handmade, 10% profit donated  

      • Our artisan mulberry silk is handcrafted in small batches following traditional methods, with minimal environmental impact, and is free from harmful chemicals
      • 10% of the profit from your purchase goes to programs that help women to be economically self sufficient and attend university. We work with our nonprofit partners PPMK Empowering Women to Fight Poverty and Blue Dragon to provide economic opportunities and university scholarships for women.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. I am in between sizes: M and L, should I order size M or L?
      We recommend that you do not size up because our clothing is loose-cut, as silk does not stretch. Therefore, if you are in between sizes M and L, we suggest ordering size M.
      2. What does it mean that your silk is 27 momme?
      Momme is a standard measurement that indicates the weight of silk. The higher the momme, the higher the weight, quality and consequently durability. Our artisan mulberry silk is 27 momme, which is over 40% more silk than the 19 momme silk often used for mass-produced silk garments.
      3. Why does your silk not need to be dry cleaned?
      Our silk is produced using traditional artisan methods dating back to the 9th century, allowing it to be washed like it has been for thousands of years, without the need for dry cleaning and its harsh chemicals.
      4. Is it true I can machine-wash this silk? How?
      Yes, our thicker 27 momme artisan handmade silk is durable and machine washable. Place it in a laundry mesh bag to protect it from other items, then wash it on delicate or hand wash cycle using a detergent and softener for delicates. Tara recommends washing silk with shampoo and conditioner to maintain its lustre and softness. Simply add 1 tbsp of shampoo and 1 tbsp conditioner to 1 cup of water, add to your washing machine, and wash on a delicate cycle.
      5. I really dislike ironing! Will I end up having to constantly iron these silk garments?
      Tara and many of us here at Tara Sartoria share your dislike of ironing, and that's precisely why we love silk! Silk's lightness allows body heat to naturally soften and remove wrinkles over time. So, in reality, all you need is a quick steam, or none at all if it's sleepwear. Additionally, washing silk with shampoo and conditioner can result in fewer wrinkles when drying.
      6. What is the deal with French seams?
      French seams are a high-end finishing method used in haute couture and luxury garments. It takes about twice as long to make the garment and more fabric because the seams are sewn twice. But, the result is a durable garment with a polished appearance inside and out.
      7. Can I wear this daily?
      Yes, our customers report that our silk items are sturdy and durable, making them suitable for daily wear without concerns about tearing.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 53 reviews
      Isa R.
      Beautiful piece

      This is an INCREDIBLY beautiful piece! It’s super comfy to wear and feels amazing against my skin, the color is also incredibly gorgeous in person. I included a picture of the bag because it she’s the brighter blue in the inside of the piece and the outside is darker. The robe comes folded nicely in a bag that would be incredibly giftable, with tags on the bag explaining how to care for the robe when cleaning it as well as one that’s written by one of the women who makes these. All seams are incredibly clean and I haven’t seen any issues. Is it expensive? Yes, but the quality and material makes it completely worth it in my opinion. I’m very much “if the product is worth it, then the price is fine” and I feel this robe lives up to that. If you have the money and want a gorgeous piece, definitely check this out!


      This silk robe does not disappoint. It is so beautifully made down to every detail. The French seams are impeccable. The robe comes with a handwritten note from the owner of the company as well as a tag with the name and a thank you from the person who made the robe. Also, information about the company and how it helps women. The robe has a tie inside and the outside so it can be closed securely as well as comes with a belt and has belt loops. The subtle print on the black silk it very beautiful. It comes in a matching silk pouch so it was pretty wrinkled when arrived but after hanging for a little bit a lot of the wrinkles came out. I love that it is machine washable too. This robe is a very high quality garment and with proper care I see it lasting for years to come. (Mrs. Valiant)

      Linda S
      Exceeds Expectations

      I have a big trip coming up that I needed a new robe for, which is why this beauty caught my eye. As you can imagine, I was thrilled to find it arrived in a matching silk travel pouch! This is the perfect piece for packing. The fabric is soft, with a luxurious sheen and a very attractive jacquard pattern. (I ordered the black.) To me the price is great for a robe of this quality. Honestly, I am not sure that i could go and buy this much silk for the cost of this robe. I paid almost as much for a satin one as a gift for someone last Christmas, and this is much nicer. One size fits all can be scary. It fit me quite well. I am 5'8" and somewhat slim. Size 4. On my frame the robe is calf length. There was plenty of fabric to wrap around me. I would say it could easily fit someone my height who was up to a size 18. The style is a traditional Japanese yukata or kimono style, which pretty much looks great on anyone. The silk is so lightweight that when tied is doesn't add a lot of bulk to your middle. And silk is perfect for any kind of mild temperature. This is easy to throw on, and when I do, it adds a nice note of glamour to my decidedly unglamourous days. The owner of the company put a nice note into the order. It felt heartfelt, and true. She presented herself as someone who takes pride in what she and the workers in her company produce, and as someone who wants to give back. Maybe I am a little corny, but I like that.

      Holly C.
      Soooo amazing!!!!

      It feels so soft! This is the most amazing thing I have ever worn. Also every purchase goes towards a charity that helps women break the cycle of poverty.

      Fits 2xl woman, gorgeous woven paisley pattern

      I'm 5'8" 210lbs, and round in the middle, this fits me but will open up at the crotch leg area when seated, so take caution. The front flaps when crossed over are 4" from the side seams. This 100% silk robe has a lovely paisley pattern woven in and is slightly textured on both sides. This has thin and long ties for both flap closures, also a wider removable waist belt. I'm am pleased with this gorgeous lightweight and cool robe, although I am definitely towards the higher end of the one size fits all, I don't think a 3xl would fit in it. Hopefully this was helpful, Thank you!